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Updated December 06,  2018

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Bacon Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich
From the kitchen at Almira

I know what you're thinking, BLT?  who the hell needs a recipe for a BLT ?  anyone can make a BLT right? 
Well, anyone can ruin a BLT, but not just anyone can make a really good BLT.  So let's see about a really good BLT.

1 lb. of Bacon

Sourdough Bread 
Fresh Tomato
Fresh Iceberg Lettuce

Hellman's Real Mayonnaise

1.  Prep your lettuce ahead of time so that it is ready in your crisper to access.

2.  Place your bacon in a pan on medium heat and allow to cook.  If you look at the picture below, you're going to want your
bacon somewhere between 3 and 4 on either picture. No matter how you like your bacon with eggs or hash browns, you're
making a sandwich here and you can't have it too under done or it will tear out a whole slice with every bite, and you can't
have it too over done or it will crumble and fall out with every bite. Neither of which makes for a really good BLT.
So the bacon is important to this recipe. Keep an eye on it as it cooks and get it right.

3. Slice your tomatoes, not too thick, about a 1/4 inch will do fine.
Your tomatoes should be large enough that two slices will cover a slice of bread nicely. 

See, I'm workin on it...