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Updated November 28,  2018

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Taco/Burrito Beef & Rice
From the kitchen at Spicewood

Pictures coming soon. This is about the easiest recipe I have.

4 lbs. 85/15 ground beef
1 serving of my Taco/Burrito Seasoning
2 Medium whole chopped Onion
2 Old El Paso Cheesy Mexican Rice 


Add the beef to your 8 quart pot on medium heat to brown
Add the chopped onions
Add the
Taco/Burrito Seasoning
In a separate pot, follow the instructions on the box to make
the El Paso Cheesy Mexican Rice, prepare two each and set aside.
Once the beef, onions and seasoning are completely cooked, combine the Cheesy Mexican Rice and mix thoroughly.
Add water if consistency is too dry. Should be smooth but not soupy or sticky.