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Updated May 14,  2016

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Cheesy Mexican Rice & Meat

From the kitchen

Sorry I don't have pictures for this one yet. I'll try to get some up soon.
Another very easy recipe and can be used in almost any way you can imagine. 
Don't hesitate to give it a try !

2 - lbs. ground beef
1 - Medium whole chopped Onion
1 - Cup of water
2/3 - Cup Taco Seasoning

2 - Old El Paso Cheesy Mexican Rice 

  Note: I use "Old El Paso" Cheesy Mexican Rice because it's quick and cheap and it works perfect every time.
  You can use whatever you want or develop your own from scratch, but that will obviously alter the taste of this recipe.


Follow the instructions on the El Paso Cheesy Mexican Rice, prepare two each and set aside.
Chop one medium sized onion, add to 8 quart pot.
Add 2 lbs ground beef to pot and allow beef to brown with onions.
Once beef is fully cooked, add 2/3 Cup Taco Seasoning and combine well.
Add water if necessary to allow for even mix.
Combine Cheesy Mexican Rice in 8 quart pot with ground beef and mix thoroughly.
Add a cup of water if consistency is too dry. Should smooth but not soupy or sticky.