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Updated August 16,  2016

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Langdale Family Sunday Roast Dinner

From the kitchens of no less than four generations of  Langdales dating back to the early 1900's.

4 - 6 lb
Boneless Chuck Roast
Don't skimp on the quality of the meat, it will most likely determine the outcome of this entire meal.
In the early days, this meat always came right off the family farm.

Approx 3 cups of water
One Medium Yellow Onion

Four to Six Beef bouillon cubes

Place Roast in a large baking pan,
chop onion spread evenly,
dd approx 3 cups water, bouillon cubes, 
alt and pepper to taste.
Cover with lid or tin foil.
Place in oven at 350 for 2 hours then turn down to 200 for 2 hours


Sparky's Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Approximately 5 pounds of red potatoes

One stick of butter
One cup of sour cream
1/4 cup of minced Garlic

Instructions for Mashed Potatoes:
Peel, chop, clean, boil and then mash potatoes.
(I like potato skins, so I don't always peel the potatoes)
In a mixing bowl combine the butter, sour cream and minced garlic,
and then add the cooked potatoes and mix thoroughly.

Instructions for Beef Gravy:

Use drippings from the roast to mix together with 

flour, corn starch and milk for beef gravy.

Serve together with your choice of vegetable and dinner rolls.

Shown below are pictures from a few of our more recent Langdale Family Sunday Dinners.
I will add more as they become available.

March 24, 2013  Our Last Langdale Family Sunday Dinner at Hickory.


March 31, 2013 Langdale Family Sunday Dinner at Almira.  Looks like we had ham that day, it must have been Easter Sunday. 
I do love ham gravy, but ham on Sundays is unusual for us..

September 29, 2013  Langdale Family Sunday Dinner at Almira.

November 28, 2013  Langdale Family Thanksgiving Dinner at Almira.

December 25, 2013   First Langdale Family Christmas Dinner at Tina

February 09, 2014   Langdale Family Sunday Dinner at Almira.

February 09, 2014   Langdale Family Sunday Dinner at Almira.

August 16, 2015   Langdale Family Sunday Dinner at Tina.