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Updated November 06,  2015

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1999 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 4WD "The Sopranos"

Exterior Color Carmine Red
Interior Color Grey
Cylinders 8
Engine Size Vortec 350
Transmission 4-Speed Auto

Auction Las Vegas 2013
Status Sold
Price $110,000.00
Lot 689
Year 1999
Make Chevrolet
Model Suburban
Style "Sopranos 1st 4 Seasons"
Lot #689 - Saturday September 28, 2013
6th Annual Barrett Jackson Las Vegas

This 1999 Chevrolet Suburban was the actual vehicle used in the HBO series "The Sopranos" by the main character, Tony Soprano, portrayed by actor James Gandolfini, who also left an autographed message within driver's side sun visor: "Be Nice To My Car - James Gandolfini." Only two identical Suburbans were purchased new by Movie Time Cars who provided vehicles to Soprano Productions Inc. At auction the Suburban included a letter from the CEO of Movie Time Cars documenting use of the vehicle during film production. This particular Suburban was utilized for interior-shots enhancing its desirability due to the known presence of approximately a dozen actors and actresses seen inside and around the vehicle.   As the interior-shot vehicle, this Suburban was utilized for the signature introductory scene of Tony Soprano driving home through New Jersey during the opening credits beginning every episode. Other notable scenes include rescuing Christopher Moltisanti and Paulie Gualtieri from the woods in "Pine Barrens," the assassination attempt on Tony Soprano in "Isabella," and driving Salvatore Bonpensiero to disappear after Tony discovers Salvatore is providing the FBI with information in "Fun House." Also included is a selection of significant screen-used props and production items. Notable screen-used items include wardrobe pieces worn by Christopher Moltisanti, FBI photos used to track mob rankings, the Key Largo wall-hanging seen during the explosive scene between Tony and Carmela in "Whitecaps," and the actual statue of Saint Elzear in "The Ride." Notable production items include a confidential script of the last episode "Made in America" and twenty production set blueprints. The props and production items include letters of authenticity directly from individuals involved in the show. This is a rare opportunity to acquire the most utilized and significant vehicle from "The Sopranos" along with several props. This lot was a great collection of memorabilia from an award-winning drama surely considered to be one of the best and critically acclaimed series in television history.

Candid photos from a few episodes of