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Updated November 06,  2015

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2007 Chevrolet Suburban HD Z71 Diesel SEMA Concept

Chevrolet Suburban HD Z71

The Chevrolet Suburban HD Z71 Concept is an idea that melds the Suburban Diesel 2500HD with the Z71 off-road package a combination not currently offered by the factory and partners it with a new, fuel-saving smaller-displacement diesel engine. The concept uses many production parts, including Chevrolet trucks HD front-end assembly, along with some unique custom touches including rear wheel flares that pick up the styling cues of the front end. Power is generated by a new 4.5L diesel engine that gives this off-road-ready Suburban power, poise and efficiency.

Vehicle highlights:
* Suburban 2500HD Z71 * Silverado HD front-end assembly * Z71 running boards * Custom rear wheel flares
* New 4.5L Diesel engine * New rear axle * Chrome tow hooks * Custom interior touches

GM Accessories and Features (production and concept):
* Twenty-inch wheels (concept) * Chrome hood trim * Fuel door (concept)
* Roof rack (concept) * Trailer hitch close-out * Two-way remote start